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Uproot the System

How our system needs to change to tackle the climate crisis

What does uproot the system even mean? It means changing our system profoundly. However, before we can undertake such enormous effort, one has to understand our current system. Our current system, and I mean our Western Governments are not even following Utilitarianim as envisiouned by Aristippus and Epicurus, and later John Stuart Mill or Peter Singer. It is debatable if we want such a system, but we can recognize that our current democratic process have been undermined by financialized forces in the free market. Forces that gain income on their 8 Billion liquid assets in Euro without any productive output or effort whatsoever, that is until the ECB changed the prime lending rate in 2013 and reversed the flow of money from the lendor to the indebted. The same year the AfD, the ultra right nationalist party of Germany formed itself and sued the EZB together with large German banks and other right-wingers like Prof. Paul Kirchof or Max Otte from the Plankstädter Werteunion in Rhein-Neckar-Kreis Area of Baden-Wuerttemberg, one of the most-congested Billionaire spots in Germany.

The Motivation of the Billionaire Class

Is there a connection between the emigrated Bertolt Brecht and the abscencing we see in todays politics once again? Brecht, who fled the Nazi’s 1933, after the fire of the German Reichstag, set on fire by Nazis themselves to blame the left and movement of international solidarity, was a man torn between solidarity and self-preservation, individualistic goals. He chose utilisation of the whole, serving the betterment of humanity, instead of utilisation of the ego. This is following Kantians view of the world, but is counterintuitive to almost everyone of the about 40 Million Working Germans and thus we are finding ourselves in the situation we are currently in reality are in: A situation where 99.5% of all Germans owe money to 15.000 German Millionaires and over 200 Billionaires. The ultra-rich Barons and Baronesses in Germany do not see themselves guilty of anything. The problem is not what they do, how they live or think, the problem is the amount of liquidity they are currently calling in their posession. In Germany these 0.5% hyper elite own – 4 Billion Euros. Another 14.5% top Dogs own another – 3 Billion Euros. These assets are liquid assets. Valuta. Fiat. These assets grew for – 1 Billion alone in 2020, whereas we saw a stagflation of the wage level of all 38.000.000 – 38 Million Germans. (to be continued)


Photographic report from the FFF Rally in Munich




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